The Core of Incredible India

Just couple of years ago PALETTES OF INDIA became fascinated by the idea of discovering our motherland. Handloom outfits a perfect example for describing our wonderful tradition's, since our inception we have celebrated journey's of weaving stories and emotions, revering the beautiful craftmanship and intricate designs that goes into every single thread. PALETTES OF INDIA is build on being transparent every time and on every product that we sell, because it is very meticulously crafted in the right way with variations of patterns and designs using broad spectrum of color combinations and original fabric. From the earth to your wardrobe, we are passionate about fabric. We take great care in every step before we stock it. We strongly believes in giving back to mother nature without harming the environment in any manner and hence takes a big responsible step by recommending to buy handloom products. PALETTES OF INDIA aims to bring an array of colour combinations crafted from the exclusive fabric that bring joy & happiness for a long time to our patrons. We offer affordable pure handloom sarees for all kind of casual and occasion wear.

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Our Mission

PALETTES OF INDIA aims to envisage a healthy, active network between our patrons and Indian artisans by providing a platform, accessible worldwide.

Our promise

With utmost responsibility and care, we present the best quality products to our patrons who we believe are the core of our brand as they continue to inspire us to grow and innovate.

Our Essence

The essence of Palettes of India is the OUR CORE - History, culture, craft and people involved in the journey of handcrafted creations.